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Admin & Business Tasks you should outsource

Do you know what your most precious commodity is when you run your own business? Time. The reality, however, is that you never seem to have enough time to get everything you really want to do, done. Or be able to spend the time you have exactly how you wish to. One effective solution to this problem is to outsource tasks that don’t actually have to be done by you (but still need to be completed to keep the business wheels turning). Using the remote services of a Virtual Assistant to manage your admin or to provide certain business support can help you grow your business. 

Below I’ve provided a list of things I can do as a Virtual Assistant. By outsourcing these tasks you can spend more of your valuable time on revenue-generating activities and focusing on your clients. 

General Admin & Business Support

Leads & Client Management

It’s important to stay on top of new leads and nurture them, as well as providing a consistently excellent service to your clients and customers. I can follow up with leads or new contacts that you may have met through networking. Or keep in touch with clients or customers, for example by sending thank you or other reminder emails. If you are currently using a Customer Record Management tool (CRM), I can help maintain it and keep it clean. If you’re not currently using the benefits of having one, I can set one up. I can also help you create an efficient and professional onboarding sequence. 

Reporting & Statistics

No doubt you have set business goals. Maybe you want new subscribers on your email list or grow your social media accounts. Perhaps you want to launch a course on time and get it sold out. I can create basic reports on weekly tasks, deliverables, sales, social media, email marketing and website traffic through Google analytics. You can then quickly see your results. The only way to know if you’re meeting your goals and if your methods are working is to analyse what you have done.


Not having the right processes, methods or filing in place to keep on top of your physical and digital information can become overwhelming if left to manage itself. This can be seriously detrimental to your productivity. I can set up online filing systems & implement file management in your Google Drive or Dropbox. I can document processes in Trello or create templates. If your mailbox is overflowing with emails, I can give it a detox, get it ship-shaped and turn it back into an effective communication method. 

Calendar management

Do you work with several clients at once and need to set up recurring appointments with them? Or need to have a method to quickly set up discovery calls with potential new ones? I can set an online calendar and booking system or manage your calendar and make appointments. You don’t need to worry about chasing up clients to book in with you or rescheduling conflicts. 

Online Event management

Arranging all the details for an event such as a Facebook Live or Webinar can be very time-consuming. Even more so if you need to invite guest speakers. I can set up events in Facebook groups, Eventbrite, liaise with your guest speakers to book them and help send out emails and communications to promote your events. 

Online research

We’ve all done that thing when we’ve set out to research one specific thing and then fallen into a rabbit hole! By outsourcing that task to someone else, they are going to stay focused to get the job done and you don’t need to deal with the frustration of wasting your time. Whether you need research on competitors, trends, data or information gathering for blog bosts and social media posts, I can help you with that. 

Website updates

Many people invest a lot of time and money in getting a website set up. However, after proudly launching it to the world it often gets neglected. It is so important though to maintain and regularly update your website. It needs to provide the best first impression to any passing potential clients. But also by keeping it updated with fresh content helps with your Google rankings. I am experienced with WordPress and Squarespace and can update your homepage, services, FAQ page, add a blog post or recent testimonials. 

Admin tasks to outsource

Marketing Support

Keeping on top of all your marketing activities can take up a big chunk of your working week. By outsourcing the management of marketing activities to me, you’ll have more time to produce fantastic content to attract your Ideal Clients and engage with them on your preferred marketing platforms. I can also provide accountability by sending you reminders about when to provide new content or update the content calendar. Then I can schedule social media & newsletters or emails to a subscriber list regularly and consistently.

Social Media & Blog Posts

If you already have a wealth of information written I can repurpose and schedule this. You would just need to provide content and any media to me and I’ll create a plan. I can manage your editorial calendar for blog posts and social media. You then know that your ideal clients are regularly seeing your engaging content. You then are not worrying or stressing about having to post ad-hoc or forgetting to do it. 

Email marketing

Using emails to grow your audience and leads is a super important part of your marketing. If you are not already using email marketing I can help set up your account, subscriber boxes and landing pages as well as design lead magnets to entice your ideal audience to sign up. If you are already using email marketing I can help you develop & manage a mailing list by sending out regular emails to your list or setup tags or groups to segment your audience to send them targeted campaigns. So that you know how well your email campaigns are working, I can provide you with regular performance statistics. 

Are you ready to outsource to a Virtual Assistant? 

Is hiring a Virtual Assistant part of your plan to help you reach your 2021 goals? Or are you still wondering how a Virtual Assistant can help you grow your business by freeing up some of your time? You can prep ahead if you are thinking about outsourcing by answering the questions below. This will give you a clear idea of the tasks you could delegate which will allow you the time to concentrate on the things that matter most for business growth. 

What tasks:

  • don’t need to be done by you?
  • are overdue?
  • do you dislike doing?
  • do you not really know how to do?
  • are time-consuming?

To help you prepare to outsource to a Virtual Assistant download my guide How to effectively outsource hassle free. It includes a 4 step plan to make the process easy and a link to a free Trello board to help you set your business priority and decide what tasks you can outsource.

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