Administration/Business Tasks I can help you with

Are you spending too much of your time on daily or weekly administration or business tasks? If there is something you are doing that is repetitive and can be put into a process, it can be completed by someone else. Outsource it and regain time to take your business to the next level. 

Per Hour or Retainer Tasks

  • Data entry or spreadsheet maintenance
  • Email management or email detox (see package below)
  • Formatting documents
  • Diary & calendar management
  • Internet research
  • Customer record management (CRM)
  • Setting up workflows & processes in project management software
  • Sending invoices and reminders
  • Website/blog updates
  • Help desk/chat support
  • Sending feedback or follow up emails to customers

Hourly Rate

My hourly rate is £25. 

Monthly Retainer Rate

My retainer rate is:
£240 for 10 hours a month
£475 for 20 hours a month
£715 for 30 hours a month

See more about Rates & Payments

Need help with something not included on the above list? Please still get in touch as the tasks listed above are just examples of things I can assist you with. You can read my post about the types of tasks you should think about outsourcing


If you have a specific project you need help with, I charge a project rate based upon the work and time requirements.

Is your email inbox in a mess? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the client emails, various lead sources and newsletter subscriptions all pouring in and ending up in a jumbled mess? Which results in you wasting time looking for a certain email or miss seeing and replying to the important ones?

My email-overwhelm to inbox-zero package is just for you. It’s not just about deleting emails and tidying up a bit. It’s about implementing a simple system that gets your inbox organised and you more productive.

NOTE: This package is just for Gmail domain accounts or if you use the Gmail platform to manage your emails. Talk to me if you would like to start using Gmail to manage your emails. 

Instant benefits:

✔️ An uncluttered & organised inbox that leaves you feeling in control!

✔️ Easily locate the email you need

✔️ No more missed or forgotten emails

Included in the package

  • 30-minute Zoom call to discuss requirements
  • Initial email audit
  • Archive or delete old emails
  • Unsubscribe from subscriptions
  • Create folders to organise your emails for example for each client
  • Set up helpful filters to immediately move certain emails straight from the inbox to a folder
  • If required colour code labels so you can easily see what type of email it is
  • Bonus: Free guide: How to maintain Inbox Zero

Package cost:  
£100.00 for up to 1000 emails. Each additional 1000 emails £35.00.
Full payment before commencement of any work. 

Outsource effectively & build a better business 

Are you ready to scale your business, smash your business goals and have more time to spend with your family whilst enjoying freedom for yourself?

Then it’s time to outsource to a Virtual Assistant!

My guide will give you the confidence to outsource and includes a 4 step preparation plan for making the outsourcing process easy & smooth and help you find the perfect person to outsource to.


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