Rates & Start Working With Me

Please see my rates for VA services below. 

Monthly Retainer Rate

My retainer rate is:

£240 for 10 hours a month
£475 for 20 hours a month
£715 for 30 hours a month

If you need regular ongoing support, I offer a monthly retainer rate. You can pay for a number of hours and I will guarantee that time for you. I track my time so you know how your payment has been used. I will keep you regularly updated on how much time you have remaining. A maximum of 20% of unused hours can be carried forward to the next month.

Retainers are invoiced 100% in advance before the commencement of any work (payable within 7 working days). 

Hourly Rate

My hourly rate is £25.

Paying a per hour rate is ideal if you require ad-hoc support. I track my time so you know how your payment has been used. 

Ad-hoc hours are invoiced weekly on a Friday. The invoice is payable within 7 working days. 

Project Rate

If you have a specific project you need help with, I will charge a project rate based on the work and time requirements.

Projects are invoiced 50% in advance before the commencement of my work and 50% balance upon completion of projects (payable within 7 working days). 


I also offer the following packages:

Projects are invoiced in full before the commencement of any work (payable within 7 working days).

Start working with me

1st: Let’s schedule a complimentary 30 minute call to chat about your requirements. No obligation, just a wine to review your to-do list, brainstorm where your business needs support and to see if we are a good fit to work together.
2nd: I will send you a proposal outlining: what we discussed on the call, the actions I will be responsible for, confirmation of rates and payment details and next steps to move forward.
3rd: Upon confirmation from you I will send you a contract (plus terms & conditions and data privacy document) which we will both need to sign online. Plus an invoice if any prepayment is required. 
4th: You will need to grant me access to any accounts I will need access to. I will set up a shared folder on Google Drive/Dropbox and on your preferred project management platform – so we can easily share any documents and to-dos. We can set up a call to go through any of these actions before I get to work. And then I’ll get started! 

Outsource effectively & build a better business 

Are you ready to scale your business, smash your business goals and have more time to spend with your family whilst enjoying freedom for yourself?

Then it’s time to outsource to a Virtual Assistant!

My guide will give you the confidence to outsource and includes a 4 step preparation plan for making the outsourcing process easy & smooth and help you find the perfect person to outsource to.


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