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Here’s how I save time by repurposing content

We all know that we need to be producing fantastic content as part of our marketing strategy and to help increase traffic to our website. But it can be exhausting thinking about what to write and hard work to be consistent with it. Here I share how I save time by repurposing content and using a biweekly theme. I hope it can help you too!

When I started as a Virtual Assistant I asked in several Facebook groups: if people currently used a VA and what tasks they had them do or if the could use a VA what tasks they would want them to do. Many people mentioned scheduling social media, adding hashtags, creating graphics, email marketing and turning blogs into social media posts.

Then asked what struggles they had in their small business people mentioned:

“Focus – I have so many balls in the air it is hard to know what to prioritise.”

“Time! Not enough of it. Even for tiny work-related things.”

“Structure. Winging it constantly.”

I want to show you a way how to deal with the burden of content creation by using a plan and some preparation, which in turn will save you time. 

Start with a theme and a piece of content

Every 2 weeks I focus upon a content theme, something related to a service I offer and something that will be helpful to my ideal audience. In Trello I have a content board where I have a card for each theme and a checklist of what content I need to produce for it. 

For the previous theme, I focused on email marketing: how to set it up and how to maximise it. As a service, I offer email marketing set up and ongoing support creating emails and landing pages. The current theme is about blogging & repurposing content. I help business owners by editing and uploading their blog posts and scheduling social media. 

Once I know my theme I decide upon a blog post idea. I write a new blog every 2 weeks related to the theme. So this time I’m blogging about my process of writing a blog and then how I use it throughout the rest of the content. The blog is my “big content piece” and sits at the heart of my biweekly content creation. Blogging may not be your thing, so maybe you would prefer another media, such as a podcast. Just make sure you start with one quality piece of content. 

Using a content calendar

Alongside my theme planner on Trello, I also have a content calendar on a Google spreadsheet. On this, I write the type of content I want to post on a certain day. I include when my blog gets posted, when I send out my marketing email and which days I post to my social media platforms. For my social media posts, I break them up into the following categories: tip, promotional post about a service I offer, blog link, invite to join my email subscriber list, personal story, share other content. I also have a few ad-hoc slots for posting Instagram stories. 

By planning out my content in advance avoids wasted efforts and trying to post things on the fly.

Tips to repurpose content and save time

How I repurpose my blog for social media posts

I then go back to my focus blog post and utilise text and ideas in that to create several social media posts. So, for example, I could create a summary tip video of the points I included in a blog post, create an Instagram carousel for the grid, break the points up into several Instagram stories. If I still have some posts left to create, then I plan them around the main theme idea. So for example, for this theme, I am sharing a link to a useful article about creating content pillars (which again will help you write and plan out content). 

How I repurpose my blog post for marketing emails

Every 2 weeks I send out a marketing email using MailerLite to my subscriber list, which again is related to the theme. I write my marketing email by re-using information from the blog post and also any other social media posts. I also share the link to the useful article. 

Rule of 7

If you’re worried about your audience thinking that you just post the exact same thing everywhere, don’t! You just need to change the text up a little and avoid posting the exact same post at the same time across all your social media platforms. Also, keep in mind that 1 person probably isn’t following you on all your social media platforms, reading every blog post you write and also subscribed to your newsletter (unless they’re really keen to work with you or a stalker!). Even if they have it’s unlikely they will remember everything you wrote. 

There is also the rule of 7 to consider: a person needs to hear something 7 times before they take action! 

Other repurposing & content creation tips


It’s something I think a lot of us are guilty of time-to-time, trying to reinvent the wheel. Are you always trying to think of new content ideas? You don’t have to think of something new every time. Put a new spin on old content or even share a post again that was really popular a few months later. 

Get inspired by daily life

You don’t always have to post an informative post, sometimes just use daily life. Share what you have learnt or some reflection. You’ll demonstrate that you have familiar feelings with others – a frustration or a hope. Use what you know and your experiences to just be social. 

Don’t overcomplicate it

We’re all busy, we’re all consumed with so much media and our brains can only handle so much. If you’re providing a tip = keep it simple, if you want people to engage with you = ask them, if you want people to subscribe to your email list = give them the link to sign up. 

Use a scheduler

To avoid having to post in the moment or remembering to post at a certain time, use a scheduling tool such as Later, Hootsuite or the in-built scheduler within the Facebook Business Suite. This will allow you to schedule your posts in advance and post them at the best time, which is when your audience are most likely to be online and engaging. I share more useful productivity tools in my guide, which you can download by clicking here.

I really hope that by sharing my method of creating content has given you some ideas. Sometimes it is about trial and error and it isn’t a one method fits all solution. For example for my tour company, I have a different content creation method, which fits that business and audience best. Whatever you decide upon I highly encourage you to save time by repurposing content. 

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